You can feel good.

You can be more at ease in your body.

You can find calm.

Your to-do list is never ending.

There’s never enough time.

We live in a busy world where it seems like someone or something is always demanding your attention.

We dream about what our lives will be like on that magical day in the future when we’re not so damn busy. What if your life could actually be like that now and you didn’t have to wait for all the stars to align?

I’m Karyn Claflin and I’m a Master Certified BodyMind Coach with a background in massage, meditation, and yoga. Using a custom blend of coaching, massage therapy, and movement & wellness education, I help busy folks who are tired from always taking care of others (at work and home) and feeling weighed down by their stress to create balance between doing the things they love and getting done all-the-things they need to do.

What Folks Are Saying

I have had many massages at different places over the years but Ashiatsu with Karyn is by far the best! I love that she always asks if there is any way she needs to customize my massages for current issues. As a gift, I sent my son and daughter-in-law (young parents) to her for some … Continue reading

Karyn has magic feet:) My Ashiatsu massage was the best massage I’ve had. I had been building up some muscle aches from lots of biking. Karyn really worked those areas. Two days after my massage I went for a 3 hour bike ride and felt great afterwards. Pat M  

Great price for the service received. Karyn even follows up a few days later to see how you’re feeling. Best massage place in town! Karen M

Absolutely amazing. My hour of peace with an excellent massage. The best in town! Robert M

Karyn and her team run an exceptional business! One of my favorite aspects is how personalized and flexible the service they provide is. As a CrossFitter, I often have unexpected weeks/days where I want to get a massage, however, as a salaried employee I’m often unavailable Monday to Fridays from 8-5p. Every now and then, … Continue reading

I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and every single time, they’ve been extremely professional, kind, accommodating, and I leave feeling 100% better. Totally recommend. Jacob L