Hot Stone Massage: What to expect

Many of the photographs depicting hot stone massage can be a bit misleading.  Usually, they show the stones simply being placed along the back.  Here we actually use the stones as a tool to assist the massage (as shown in the image below). I find that I can work deeper with less discomfort than a Deep Tissue massage as the heat makes the muscles more pliable. The heat and smoothness of the stones also provides a very relaxing experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Some things to know before getting a Hot Stone Massage:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • As with any massage, communication is important. I will check-in with you about the temperature and pressure. But, remember you can always change your mind. A stone may feel comfortable at first, but may feel too hot as the massage progresses. Always speak up. And also let me know if the stone has cooled off too much and is no longer comfortable.
  • There are some times when you should not get a hot stone massage. For example, if you have impaired sensation, organ failure, or multiple sclerosis. If you are under the care of a doctor for any medical condition please discuss it with me when scheduling your massage. It may also be a good idea to discuss massage with your doctor.

Some reasons to get a Hot Stone Massage:

  • You are stressed and just need to relax.
  • You have stiff or tense muscles.
  • You just need an hour for yourself.
  • It’s winter and it’s zero degrees outside and you want to warm up.

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