Should You Tip Your Massage Therapist?

I don’t really like the phrase “tipping is appreciated but not required.” Not just for massage but for other services as well. It causes me a bit of anxiety.

  • If I don’t tip, will my next service be crappy?
  • How much should I tip, what if I tip too little? Are they offended?
  • Do I have to tip the same amount every time?

Massage is supposed to help you relax. I don’t want you to stress over whether or not to tip. We strive to provide top-notch services to all of our clients no matter the tip.

Don’t get me wrong- tips are nice. It’s great that you appreciate the awesome service! Leaving 15% to 20% based on the original price of the service is customary at most spas.

But, here are some great alternatives to tipping:

  • Instead of spending money on tipping each time, I would rather you came back more often. Regular massage benefits you more than waiting until the pain or stress is unbearable and then getting one massage. But that’s another blog post.
  • Tell your friends about me. Review me on Facebook or Google. Referrals are way better than tips!

Let me know if anything else is causing you to be nervous about your massage. It’s your time to let go.

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