Post-Mastectomy Massage

Cancer. Chemo. Radiation. Surgery. You’ve been through a lot, physically and emotionally.

Massage Therapy may help.

cancer and massage
* from S4OM: “What are people living with cancer saying about oncology massage?”

Benefits of Post-Mastectomy Massage

Potential benefits of massage therapy include:

  • decreased levels of pain.
  • reduced anxiety and depression.
  • decreased cancer-related fatigue.
  • improved sleep and sense of well being.

Massage may also help with scar tissue. Massage to the scar tissue can increase pliability of the area and ease the tight, uncomfortable pulling sensation around the scar. It’s best to work with a massage therapist or physical therapist trained in working with scar tissue. They will also be able to show you how to massage your scar.

Find a Massage Therapist

In Champaign-Urbana: I am a Preferred Provider for the Society for Oncology Massage with training in post-mastectomy scar tissue massage. You can schedule a massage here. I recommend starting with a 30 minute session.

Otherwise, check S4OM’s locator tool to connect with one of my wonderful colleagues.

Massage at Restoring Balance

I will create a custom massage for you. If you are uncomfortable on the massage table, I will work with you to find a comfortable position. It’s your choice whether or not to have your scar, or any part of your body, massaged. If you are too cold, I will add  a blanket. Put simply, it’s your massage and it will be will be customized to you.

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