How to Make the Most of Your Massage

Get the best massage

This is probably not a surprise, but your massage therapist wants you to have the best possible massage for you. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your next massage.

Get off to a great start

Be on time, maybe a few minutes early. Rushing to the office is no way to begin your relaxing massage. Feel free to ask your massage therapist any questions you may have.

During your massage

  • Allow the full weight of your body to sink into the table. Take full deep breaths. Your job is to relax. I will probably move parts of your body (like you arms and legs) and you shouldn’t feel the need to help me. I know this can be difficult and you shouldn’t stress about it. But if you notice yourself lifting your arm just let it be heavy.
  • No pain, no gain. Right? Wrong. It can actually be counterproductive. While you may experience a bit of discomfort having a tense muscle worked on, if you are holding your breath or clenching your jaw because the massage is painful or uncomfortable, tell your massage therapist.
  •  Remember: this is your massage. If you are too cold or hot, if the pressure is too light, deep, or painful or if anything is interfering with you relaxing it is important to speak up. Your massage shouldn’t be something you have to endure; it should be something you enjoy.

After your massage

Savor the relaxation. Try not to rush to your next task. And of course, be sure to schedule your next massage.