3 Reasons to Get a Facial Massage

Face and Scalp Massage

Back, shoulders, neck. These are the most commonly requested areas for massage in my office. But what about the rest of your body? Here are some great reasons to give facial massage a try.

  1. Release tension in the muscles of your face.The muscles of our face do a lot of work everyday. Chewing, talking, facial expressions. But these muscles are often overlooked in favor of a longer back massage. Facial massage can ease tension in the jaw and help relieve tension headaches.
  2. Overall Stress Relief. Massage is a great stress reliever. For me, a relaxing massage of the face and scalp is Ahhh-some.
  3. Radiant Skin. A lesser known benefit of massage is that in can keep your skin looking healthy. Massage increases blood circulation to the skin and can give your face a healthy glow. Relaxing the muscles of the face can soften fine lines.

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