Should I Surprise My Partner With a Couples Massage?

Photo by Rachel Walker on Unsplash


For Couples Massage: Due to limited availability, we are only able to accommodate Current Clients and Couples Massage Gift Certificate redemptions.

If you’ve been in before, or you have a Couples Massage Gift Certificate:  Request an appointment here.

Sure, this seems like a no brainer! Massage is awesome! Why wouldn’t I surprise my favorite person with one? Here are few questions to ask yourself before you schedule that couples massage.

Has your partner ever expressed interest in massage?

Maybe your partner was rubbing their shoulders and saying how nice a massage would be. Or you were watching a movie and the character is getting a massage and they say “wow, that looks amazing!” If not, a massage is probably not a great gift, especially a surprise one. Not everyone likes massage, and that’s okay. Maybe a surprise evening out at one of the many great restaurants in downtown Champaign would be a better idea?

Has your partner ever had a massage? 

If yes, a gift certificate for their favorite massage therapist would make a great gift. But what about a surprise massage appointment? This gets a little tricky. We have to know  a little about your partner. Luckily, you do!

If they’re adventurous, then they would probably LOVE a surprise couples massage! Schedule your couples massage here.

But there are plenty of reasons that folks, while they might love massage, may not liked to be surprised with one. Maybe they ate a really big meal and don’t want to lie on their stomach, or maybe they had too much coffee that day.

There may be other reasons, too:

Massage is weird. There. I said it.

Women often worry that their massage therapist will be offended they haven’t shaved their legs, or folks worry that they might be, you know, gassy.

(To be clear, we won’t be offended by these things. Never feel the need to apologize for your body.)

But the fact is, we humans do worry about all kinds of things. And your partner might be worrying about these things when you show up at the massage office for your surprise. And that’s not relaxing. So maybe surprise them with a massage gift certificate instead. Or schedule a couples massage minus the surprise bit.

So there you have it. A few questions to help you decide if you should surprise your partner with a relaxing couples massage. Bottom line, in most instances, probably not. (I bet you didn’t think you’d have a massage therapist telling you not to get a massage, huh?)