Four Great Reasons to Try Private Yoga

Person rolling up yoga mat
Photo via rawpixel on Unsplash

So you’ve heard good things about yoga, but the idea of going to a group class makes you nervous. I get it – it can be intimidating to walk into a group yoga class where everyone seems to know what they are doing.

Or maybe you attend a regular group yoga class, but feel like there’s something missing. Maybe you’re not sure you’re doing the poses “right”. Or you wait the whole class for your favorite pose, but it’s not included that day.

Group yoga classes can be awesome, but here are four great reasons to utilize 1:1 instruction as well:

Develop Confidence in Your Practice

“I wish I could do yoga, but I’m not flexible!” I totally get it. Walking into a group class when you can’t touch your toes and it seems like everyone else can twist themselves up like a pretzel is a touch overwhelming. First, the more you practice, the more flexible you will become. Second, the more you practice, the more confident you will become in moving your body in new and challenging ways without worrying about what the person next to you is doing.

Personalized with Your Goals in Mind

Often group yoga class students are at very different levels in their yoga practice. When you attend Private Yoga lessons your instructor can meet you where you are and help you get the most out of your yoga practice. We work on your personal goals, whether that’s increased flexibility, a calmer mind, or less pain in your neck.

Modified for Your Body

Many folks come to yoga with injuries or health concerns that make it difficult to practice certain poses in certain ways. When you work with a Yoga Instructor 1:1, we can modify poses so they work with your body, lessening your chance of injury. We can also modify the length of your session.

Fit Yoga into Your Schedule

Group yoga classes are the same times and days, week in and out. But many of us have inconsistent schedules and we can’t always set aside the same time or day every week to make it to our favorite yoga class. But with Private Yoga, you can work with your Yoga Instructor to set the schedule that works for you. Maybe this week, it’s Monday at 2pm, but next week it’s Thursday at 7am.

Ready to give it a try?