What You Get With Your Integrative Massage Session

These are not your typical massage sessions.

Integrative Massage Sessions are designed to leave you feeling more at ease and bring relief from the physical discomforts that come from living with chronic stress. 

Personalized for you

At Restoring Balance, you receive so much more from your session beyond your time on the massage table. These sessions are designed to not only get you feeling better, but to support you in expanding that new way of feeling into your everyday life. 

During your session, we’ll talk about why you’re here, where stress or pain is showing up in your body and in your life, and how you actually want to feel. I’ll design a customized Massage or Ashiatsu Massage for you to address the tension in your body. And we’ll work together to create an action plan so you can expand that just-had-a-massage-and-I-feel-AWESOME sensation during the rest of your week.


You get my full attention. You are the reason we’re in the room. No ringing phone, email alerts, or people demanding your attention.

I’ll check in a few times during the massage, and you should feel free to speak up if you need me to change what we’re doing. Need silence? An extra blanket? Done.


I’ve given thousands of hours of massage. They were all just prep for your massage.

Your comfort is a priority. I’ve got pillow/towel propping tricks to keep you cozy laying on your side if you can’t lay on your stomach or your back or if you can’t breathe with your face in the face cradle. I got this. We’ll get you comfortable so you can fully relax and enjoy your massage.


I’m not content to just relieve the tension that stress has created in your body and then send you home to continue the same actions that led to the tension. I want better for you. You deserve better. I want you have that just-had-a-massage feeling every day.

Helping folks get off the hamster wheel of stress and live from a place of ease is my passion. That’s why, in addition to the basic education to get my massage license, I’m always learning more and upgrading my skills studying massage therapy, stress management, yoga, aromatherapy and BodyMind Coaching through formal Continuing Education courses to maintain my license, as well as countless hours of self-study.

Clinical Prudence

I won’t practice any techniques that are unsafe for you or your health condition. In general, people on blood thinners shouldn’t be getting massage with very firm pressure. Ditto for folks with osteoporosis. It’s also unwise to use hot stones on people who have had lymph nodes removed. These are called contraindications. And I won’t mess around with them.

Very rarely, massage in general may not be a good idea for you and I would be unable to give you a massage. But I can almost always adapt the massage so it’s safe and effective for you.

High quality massage oil, cream, and lotion

Some therapists choose their products based on price. You deserve the best, so I choose my products based on quality.

Have you ever left a massage feeling slimy or greasy? Not here. Mostly, I use Hobacare Jojoba. It’s not actually an oil, it’s a wax ester, and it’s pretty close to your skin’s natural oil.

Have you ever had a reaction to a product you put on your skin? I have pretty sensitive skin myself, so I’m careful about what I put on it. Pure jojoba is also non-allergenic. The rest of the lotions and creams I use come from companies that value natural ingredients and skip skin irritating fillers.

Ease of Scheduling

Skip playing phone tag to book an appointment. I have convenient online scheduling right here.

And if you don’t see a time that works for you, send me an email at karyn@balancechampaign.com with some times you’re looking for and maybe we can make it work.

You get to support a local business

It’s just me! No conglomerate. No fancy management structure or corporate setup. Just a little business owner, paying her taxes, making a living, and participating in the same communities she serves.

What are you waiting for?

Your Integrative Massage session includes all of the above, plus the amazing benefits of massage.

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