The Secret to Finding Time

Image by annca from Pixabay

There’s something you really wanna do.

Spend more quality time with your family.

Meditate everyday.

Write your first book.

But you just don’t have time.

You would do all these amazing things to improve your life, but you’re just too busy doing other things.

I’m gonna share with you the secret to finding time to do that thing you really wanna do.

When you read it, it might seem like you already know it. You may have already heard it (maybe many times), but you don’t actually know it. You’re not living it. Not actually practicing it. Not embodying it consistently. And can you actually know something if you’ve never experienced it?

So here it is.

Prioritizing the things that are important to you is the only way to find time for them.

Ask yourself: what’s really important to me?

I know you’re busy and it’s hard to actually set aside a moment to think about these things. But if you don’t think about what you actually want, you’re at risk of letting your life pass you by doing things that don’t matter.

May I offer a suggestion? The next time you find yourself saying “I would do this thing, but I’m just too busy,” try trading it for “that’s not a priority for me right now.” See how that feels.

Does it ring true? Then maybe you don’t really want to do that thing.

Does it feel uncomfortable to say that this thing isn’t a priority? Then maybe it’s time to set aside some non-negotiable time to do that thing.

I say “non-negotiable” because it’s not enough to set aside the time if you constantly put it off whenever something else comes up. Things out of your control are always going to come up. And when they do, you get to ask yourself “is this a priority for me right now?”

Maybe it’s not that you can’t find the time, it’s that you won’t find the time.

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