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You look at the clock on your computer. It’s five o’clock on Wednesday. Or it is only Tuesday? Did you eat lunch today? The days blend together. You have that throbbing headache behind your right eye again. As you stand up from your desk, barely visible underneath the post-it notes and paperwork, you notice that dull aching between your shoulder blades has become sharper.

The next day is the same, and the next one. You spend every day of every week wishing it was Friday, but when it gets here you’re too exhausted to do anything but binge-watch Netflix.

I’ve been there. I remember saying to a co-worker many a time “at least it’s almost Friday.” And he would say back “it’s funny how we wish our lives away.” I’d laugh. But the fifth or sixth time, it really stuck with me. Massage therapy interrupted the cycle. It taught me I could feel different.

Are you having trouble managing your stress or pain? Do you have difficulty sleeping? These are just some of the things massage and yoga can help with.

We strive to provide top-notch Massage Therapy and Yoga Instruction to:
relieve aches and pains,
ease the side effects of cancer treatment, and
kick stress to the curb!

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