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Karyn Claflin
OwnerLead Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
BodyMind Coaching Practitioner

In my years working as a massage therapist (and as a human actually dealing with stress), I’ve noticed a pattern.

We’re stressed out.

We don’t have enough time. 

We are living a life of “when this life event happens [the kids are older, when this big project at work is over or when they hire more help at the office], then I will actually take care of myself.”

It is SO hard when there are so many pressures from being a parent, pressures from school and work.  The hardest thing to do is to take a moment and pause and really evaluate how you are managing your stress, how you are living your life.

I’ve noticed just how many of us live our lives in a constant state of stress. Like it’s just how we are. I’m on a mission to change this pattern. We can do better.

My Background

After spending several years hunching over a desk trying to meet ever-shortening deadlines, I developed wrist and shoulder pain. It was quite a journey to resolve the pain, but it led me to trying out massage for my own pain, then to studying massage. I completed my initial Massage Therapy education at Parkland College and I’ve been a Massage Therapist since 2013.

But I was still stressed out all the time. I had thought that if I got rid of the stressful job, I’d be much less stressed. I also noticed that while my clients would feel AMAZING after their massage, over the next hours or days or weeks, little bits of stress would pile back in. And the next time I saw them, they’d have the same stress and pain patterns.

The thing is, stressful things are always going to happen. You can’t escape stress, but you can learn to manage your reaction to it, so when stressful things pop up, your day doesn’t get derailed.

That’s why, to help you learn to take better care of yourself every single day, instead of just when you come in for your massage, I’ve added Integrated Massage and Wellness Sessions to my services at Restoring Balance. Learn more about them here. To see my other services check here.

Are you ready to make YOU a priority?

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  • The Kaivalya Yoga Method Yoga Teacher Training, 500-hour, 2017Karyn at ease (1)
  • Aromahead Institute, Aromatherapy Certification, 2015
  • Parkland College, Massage Therapy Certification, 2013
  • University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Arts, 2005

Massage Continuing Education

  • BodyMind Coaching- Laura Wieck
  • Barefoot Basics (Ashiatsu)- DeepFeet
  • Fijian Barefoot Massage- Christyn Rittenhouse
  • AshiThai- DeepFeet
  • Scar Tissue Mobilization for the Post-Mastectomy/Post-Radiation Client- Jamie Elswick
  • Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer- Tracy Walton

A little Q&A with Me

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I used to be stressed out all the time, always wishing it was Friday! Massage Therapy, Yoga, and BodyMind Coaching has helped me learn to take care of myself and I love helping others do the same. It’s pretty cool to be part of the transition from visibly stressed or worn down to completely at-ease and ready to take on the world.

What do you love about the community here?

I love the small town feel, without being too small. Plus it’s really easy to get around. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and it used to take close to an hour to get to work everyday!

What’s your favorite local lunch place?

Pekara Bakery and Bistro. Their Carrot Cake and Roasted Red Pepper Soup are amazing!

Are you stressed OUT? Don’t have enough TIME? Living a life of “when this life event happens [your kids are older, when this big project at work is over or when they hire more help at the office], then I will actually take care of myself?”

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