Lucas Crawford, LMT

My favorite thing about being a massage therapist is being able to give people relief from pain.


Lucas Crawford
Licensed Massage Therapist
I’ve been working as a personal trainer since 2011 to help people improve their overall health. My time as a trainer taught me the importance of massage therapy as it can have a profound effect on the body. In 2014 I decided to learn more and enrolled in Parkland’s massage therapy program. I graduated in 2015 and have been practicing massage since.

What’s your favorite thing about being a massage therapist?

My favorite thing about being a massage therapist is being able to give people relief from pain. I love being able to help people who come in with specific areas that need worked on and being able to provide some relief from pain or discomfort.

What’s your favorite part about receiving massage?

Feeling looser and having more range of motion through my shoulders and upper back are my favorite parts about receiving a massage.

What style of massage do you like to do?

I focus mostly on Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point work. Knowing these 3 areas of massage has given me the tools I need to address most people’s needs.

What do you love about the community here?

I like the variety of restaurants and general friendliness of people in the community.

What’s your favorite local lunch place?

It’s hard to pick one. Some of my favorite places to eat at in town are Sitara, Black Dog, The Courier, and Masijta Grill.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about massage and how it fits into people’s lives?

Massage is an important tool for people to use, whether it’s with in-person appointments or even using tools such as foam rollers. Massage in conjunction with a solid workout routine can alleviate pain and restore mobility to joints all over the body.

Has pain been keeping you from doing the things you love?

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