BodyMind Coaching

You know all of the things you are supposed to do, including putting you first. I mean it makes sense that you can’t take care of anyone else if you’re exhausted and stressed. 

But more often than not, you put yourself last.

Everyone is counting on YOU.  And that’s exhausting! You’re irritable and you know something has to give. But it feels selfish to take time for you.

But you make space, put time on the calendar to take an actual break. An afternoon off.

But then, your sister calls and she needs needs advice on what to wear for her date tonight, or your boss called and your co-worker’s out sick and they NEED you to come in.

So you push your self care aside, again, and help her instead. Maybe next week…

How do you actually make time for yourself?

More often than not, do you wake up in the morning and you just want to stay in bed? You didn’t sleep because you were thinking about everything you had to get done today. But everyone is counting on you, so you drag yourself out of bed. Gulp down down some coffee. Stuff some food in your mouth. Rush to work. And then you feel like you’re just rushing around all day until you get home exhausted, but unable to sleep. Do you ever find yourself asking “Is this all there is to life?”

What if it could be different?

What if you could live with ease? What if you could take care of yourself AND everyone else could still get what they need. What if BY taking care of yourself first, everyone else could get what they need?

Are you ready to make changes so you can live a life with more ease? Actually make that time for yourself?

Your life changes when you decide to change. You have to choose it for yourself. I invite you to make this the moment you say yes to you. I know what happens if you do. 

If you ready to say yes to YOU on a whole new level, I want to help you. I love supporting people who KNOW they need to take better care of themselves, actually do it because I’ve been there. I know that pain. And I also know what happens when you choose you.

If you’d like to explore how I can support you in actually prioritizing YOU, click here to schedule a time to chat. We will talk about what that stress is looking like for you, in your life. But we’ll also look at what your goals are, what you want, and what’s possible for you when you say yes to you. I want to help you find clarity and look at what those next steps might be for you. And if it feels like I might be able to help you to get there I might talk with you about how I can support you in making that happen.

I’m DONE letting stress rule my life!