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You’re feeling weighed down by your stress or pain and you want to feel free in your body again.

You’re in the right place.

Massage Therapy:

A variety of massage techniques are combined with coaching so not only do we address the tension in your body, we work together to create an action plan so you can expand that just-had-a-massage-and-I-feel-AWESOME sensation during the rest of your week.

Additional Massage Services include:

Integrative Massage Session        $150

I am not your typical massage therapist and this is not your typical massage. Two parts Massage (or Ashiatsu!) and one part BodyMind Coaching, these sessions are designed to not only get you feeling better but to support you in expanding that new way of feeling into your everyday life. Allow 90 minutes.

Extended Integrative Massage Session        $200

An extended Integrative Massage Session that combines BodyMind Coaching with more time on the table to address the tension in your body. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, and we’ll work together to create action steps you can take to keep feeling great between sessions. Allow 120 minutes.

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