Integrated Wellness Program

You KNOW you need to take better care of yourself, but you don’t have time!

You are constantly stressed. Crunched for time. Always thinking ‘when my kids are older, when this big project at work is over, or when they hire more help at the office, then I can actually take care of myself.’

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of life, just trying to get through the day.  

You want to feel excited for your day, be recognized for your work, and have real connection with the people you love. You want to actually enjoy the time you spend with your kids, have amazing date nights with your partner, and fun girls-nights with your sister.

But more than anything, you just want to feel like you are actually living your life — not just dragging yourself through.

As a massage therapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of folks to help them stress less and feel better in their bodies, and I know:

  • You feel AMAZING after your massage, but, over the next hours or days or weeks, you start to feel a twinge in your low back and your shoulders start to ache. And the next time you actually make time to get your massage, that dull ache between your shoulder blades has become a sharp pain, you’re irritable, and it seems like you always have a headache.
  • More often than not, you wake up in the morning and you just want to pull the covers over your head and close your eyes for just 5 more minutes. You didn’t sleep because you were thinking about everything you had to get done today.
  • Everyone is counting on you, so you drag yourself out of bed, gulp down down some coffee, stuff some food in your mouth. Rush to work. And then you feel like you’re just rushing around all day until you get home exhausted, but unable to sleep.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Most of us put off taking care of ourselves even though we KNOW we need to do it. It feels self-indulgent.

Your family, your friends, your colleagues, they count on you. You do whatever it takes to make sure the people around you are cared for and happy. And because of that you’ve gotten used to prioritizing everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of even your most basic needs like eating, sleeping, and moving your body.

Constantly putting yourself and your needs last leads to burnout. And when you run yourself ragged like this you’re no good to anybody.

The truth is you’re exhausted, irritable, and distracted and if you continue to put yourself last you’ll get sick, your relationships will deteriorate, you’ll actually let someone down.

Hi, I’m Karyn and I work with busy, overwhelmed folks like you, who want to feel great and learn how to prioritize their health and wellness so they can work with purpose, feel connected to the people they love, and actually feel present for their life.


Let’s be honest, you KNOW you need to take better care of yourself.

You’ve probably already challenged yourself multiple times to practice yoga regularly, start meditating, and plan your meals so you eat healthier instead of grabbing something from the drive-thru on the way home.

You’re struggling, slipping back into unhealthy patterns and habits, and you don’t know why. You’ll do better tomorrow. Get up early and go to that yoga class! But then it’s tomorrow morning and your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button 3 times. Maybe tomorrow..?

Want to know what’s missing? Support. Accountability. And an action plan.

When you have someone supporting you along the way, and a plan to get there, you’ll start making healthier choices that support the life you actually want.

And when you actually stick to it- put YOU first, amazing things will start to happen in your relationships, work, and life. You’ll break free from that constant cycle of feeling stressed, exhausted, and run-down.

What’s possible for you?

  • What if you woke up with the energy to do all of the things you WANT to do?
  • What if, instead of being constantly exhausted, you were showing your kids what it’s like to live a healthy life?
  • What if you felt a renewed spark in your relationship with your partner, and deeper relationships with the people you care about?
  • What if you were excited to go to work, show your brilliance, and get that promotion?

But you only get these kinds of results when you start caring for yourself the way you care for others.

Are you ready to make YOU a priority?

If you’d like to explore how I can support you in actually prioritizing YOU, click here to schedule a time to chat.

Introducing Actually Make Time for You:

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Teacher, and BodyMind Coaching Practitioner, I’ve designed Integrated Wellness Sessions and a program of support  to help you to actually make you your #1 priority.

At each session we’ll combine massage and movement to address the physical tension that stress creates in your body. And together we’ll create a plan so that you not only make the healthier choices in between sessions, but you have a plan for actually implementing them in your day-to- day life.

In my years working as a massage therapist (and as a human actually dealing with stress), I’ve noticed just how many of us live our lives in a constant state of stress. We think we just need to get rid of that horrible boss, finish that huge project, or just make it to Friday and then we’ll live the good life.

The thing is, stressful things are always going to happen. You can’t escape stress, but you can learn to manage your reaction to it, so when stressful things pop up, your day doesn’t get derailed.

Don’t look back a year from now and regret the choice you didn’t make today.

Schedule your Introductory Wellness Session now.   

What folks are saying..

I have had many massages at different places over the years but Ashiatsu with Karyn is by far the best! I love that she always asks if there is any way she needs to customize my massages for current issues. As a gift, I sent my son and daughter-in-law (young parents) to her for some needed stress relief and they loved it too! Dana P

I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and every single time, they’ve been extremely professional, kind, accommodating, and I leave feeling 100% better. Totally recommend. Jacob L

I received a gift certificate for a massage before my wedding and it was one of the best gifts! I’ve been going to Karyn for almost 2 years now and I love every visit. She has helped me through wedding stresses and pregnancy pains, I can’t recommend her enough! Gillian C

I’ve been scheduling my appointments with Karyn for an ashiatsu-massage for over a year and a half. Karyn shows her commitment to care by asking if there are trouble areas or if I’ve been experiencing pains/muscles that may need extra focus. She confirms the room temperature settings are comfortable with me, asks if I need water, etc. I am fully able to relax in the studio and emerge feeling truly amazing.
Originally I started with a 60 minute appointment but after trying the longer session, I will only be booking 90 minutes for future appointments. Elizabeth E