Karyn is absolutely wonderful! I have had frequent massages for the last 8 years, and Karyn is definitely one of the best! She focuses on the areas requested and checks in periodically throughout the massage to make sure pressure is good and you’re feeling okay. I also really appreciate that she doesn’t talk to you the whole time. Some appointments, I’m up for some chit-chat and other times, I just want to close my eyes and relax quietly. Karyn always follows my lead, which has not always been my experience with other massage therapists. I highly recommend Karyn at Restoring Balance! Tracy M

Karyn and her team run an exceptional business! One of my favorite aspects is how personalized and flexible the service they provide is. As a CrossFitter, I often have unexpected weeks/days where I want to get a massage, however, as a salaried employee I’m often unavailable Monday to Fridays from 8-5p. Every now and then, I can get off work at 4p and Karyn has been able to accommodate every time!
Secondly, Karyn and her team take the time to not only meet the quality of service you see on the website, they also ask if you have any specific areas/muscles you’d like extra attention paid to and give feedback and advice on how to better take care of your body and keep stress at Bay.

I’ve been to many massage therapist and this 1 is by far my favorite! Kundayi M

I have been coming here every 6 weeks or so for the past 4 years. Karyn always does a great job. She listens to my concerns and adjusts my service to meet my needs. I highly recommend her. Paula D